EU President Wants Rapid Reaction Force

Herman Van Rompuy


In its latest update, LCG reported:

European Council President Wants Rapid Reaction Force. In response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Herman Von Rompuy stated that the European Union needs to create its own “humanitarian rapid reaction force.” Currently, the EU’s aid is sent through the United Nations. President Von Rompuy appears to be moving Europe to the point where it can act independently of the UN. Von Rumpuy’s plan is for this force to be used for future emergencies (, January 19, 2010). Bible prophecy does indicates that a military power will soon arise in Europe (Revelation 13:1). Any Rapid Reaction Force would necessarily have military backing in order to accomplish extremely difficult tasks. For example, in addition to all of the aid being sent to Haiti by the United States, thousands of military personnel are also being deployed to keep the peace and provide humanitarian assistance. Once an EU force is established, it could be used for humanitarian aid around the globe. In theory, too, this EU force could even be used to “aid” the U.S. in a future major disaster, like those mentioned in Leviticus 26. Time will make clear just how such a force will be used.

Herman Van Rompuy is the first permanent President of the European Union.  Events are moving forward for a strong European Empire (though there will be various problems within the EU before this fully happens).  The Bible shows that much military force will be used by this re-emerging power and the world will marvel (Revelation 13:3-4).

(Those interested in what is happening with LCG members in Haiti can go to my News of the Living Church of God page.)

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