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LCG reported the following  several hours prior to the announcement of the appointment of the EU’s new president yesterday:

Welcome to the “Fully Functional” European Union. By the time this News and Prophecy item is published, the EU may have its very own President and Foreign Minister. The EU now maintains the world’s largest economy, rivaled only by the combined economies of the U.S. and China. The EU will soon surpass the half-billion mark in population. The EU’s military force abroad (71,000 troops) is second only to the U.S. and the EU’s troop levels will increase as the Lisbon Treaty is fully implemented. EU nations are also emerging from the global economic crisis at a more rapid rate than other nations. A sobering quote from The Sunday Times of London reads, “Britain may not like it, but under the Lisbon treaty the likely emergence of an EU military force will help to expand Europe’s global ‘footprint’. It gives a prophetic ring to a book written four years ago by Mark Leonard, director of the European Council on Foreign Relations: Why Europe Will Run the 21st Century” (November 15, 2009). For decades, we have predicted the rise of a powerful European super-state, based on Bible prophecy. The last two weeks have seen the reality of these predictions come to pass. The EU is now poised to play an even bigger role on the world stage. It is methodically growing and moving forward—just as God prophesied millennia ago. From the current configuration of 27 EU members, we now must look forward to a future organization of ten kingdoms or groupings in Europe that will make up the final Beast power spoken of in Daniel and Revelation.

The European Union is forming and will be some type of foundation for the fulfillment of a militarized “Beast power” that is warned about in Revelation 13.  The final rise of a Babylonian system is warned about in Chapters 17 and 18 as well.  The appointment of new leaders for Europe is an important development.

Yet, in American news, items such as Oprah Winfrey’s announcement that she will tape her last episode of her long-running show in September 2011 seemed to be a much bigger story.  How many Americans heard that Herman Van Rompuy was appointed EU President and Catherine Ashton as Foreign Minister?  It would seem that many more learned about Oprah.

But irrespective of mainstream media attention, the reality is that the Europeans will rise up.  And even though there are likely to be a few setbacks in Europe (and probably at least one or two serious ones), Bible prophecy will be fulfilled and the foundational requirements are appearing (though not emphasized by many) right before our very eyes.

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