Another Self-Appointed Prophet?

6.7 Earthquake in Northridge California Destroyed the Above Building of Kaiser Permanente As Well as Various Freeway Overpasses and other Buildings on January 17, 1994.

Yesterday I received the following email from Tim Carpenter:

Dear COG Writer,
I am Pastor Tim of I Saw The Light Ministries.
I have admired many of your writings over the years.
I noticed today that you are in California.
I know you will not believe what I have to tell you and that is okay.
But when after you see a major earthquake occur in the California Region in the month of June or July this year, 2008 in JUNE or JULY., then you will have your confirmation. As soon as possible either now or after this earthquake, please move ASAP out of California because there is something much larger coming very very very soon there. God has revealed Cities of Refuge which I first denied but then God confirmed and has been re-confirming in MAJOR strong un-deniable ways now.

While I am glad that he likes my articles, I have been to his website in the past and simply do not believe that he has God-given prophetic abilities. Nor do I plan to move away from California in the next couple of months. He is correct that I do not believe he can predict earthquakes.

So far this year, I have pointed out (before their prophecies failed to come to pass) that CGPFK’s Ronald Weinland, Geoffrey Neilson (see Sep-Oct 2007 Journal Out) , “the True Bible Code” (see Europe to Launch Satellite for Galileo, But More False Witnesses), and the group of Russians who stated that the end would come in May 2008 (see Great Tribulation Will Not Begin in 2008) were going to be shown to be false prophets.

Additionally, I actually have warned about CGPFK’s Ronald Weinland for years, as well as years ago pointing out some of the prophetic (and other) errors of TPM’s William Dankenbring. Additionally, I warned against one prediction by James Malm that the tribulation will begin by the end of 2008 late last year (see At Least Two Wrongly Claim Great Tribulation Will Begin in 2008)–and that will not happen as the tribulation simply cannot occur before 2012.

Although I do expect that coincidentally something will happen when some false prophet states it (for example, pretty much every year someone says that the great tribulation will begin and one year it will, so those who stated it then will tend to think that they predicted it), none of those I have warned against are God’s prophets.

Those truly interested in end-time events need to pray and study their Bibles and may also wish to compare what the Bible teaches to what I have pointed out in the following articles:

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