Britain Proposing Major Cuts to Naval Force

Aircraft Carriers
American and British Aircraft Carriers Are Used As Parts of Threats and Wars


We in the Living Church of God have long warned of the future decline of the military might of the Anglo-American nations.  This has been happening in both the USA and UK this year.

Notice the following recent item related to Britain:

Navy to reduce to smallest size ever to save carriers
The Navy is set to be reduced to the smallest size in its history after admirals yesterday offered drastic reductions in the fleet in order to save two new aircraft carriers from defence cuts. (Telegraph – Oct 7, 2010.

Essentially, some of the military leaders in the UK have proposed to reduce the size of the total fleet nearly in half.

Also notice the following:

UK and France in talks over warheads
Financial Times, London  Oct 7, 2010

An agreement being negotiated by the UK and France would see British nuclear warheads serviced by French scientists and break with half a century in which neither country has collaborated on its independent deterrent…budgetary considerations…Britain has consulted the US over the proposed move. A US-UK treaty forbids Britain from sharing its nuclear secrets with another country because the UK deterrent, built on the Trident D5 missile, is in large part based on US technology…“If we don’t share some of these capabilities, we will lose them,” said a British defence insider. (

So, for budget reasons, the UK will allow French technicians service its nuclear arsenal.  Not a wise move if France supports the EU over UK some day–and this agreement also seems to give France additional insight into US nuclear defenses.

As I reported here yesterday (see Galileo is Moving Forward), the USA is losing its lead on satellite technology as it has technical problems–problems that have led it to make a deal for Europe to provide some of its military satellite defense capability–yet Europe is moving ahead with such technologies.  And all of this is dangerous to the USA beyond what most would believe as according to Bible (as well as Catholic) prophecy, it is a European power that will take over the Anglo-nations.

The weaker that the USA and UK are militarily, the easier it will be for another power (or group of powers) to take them over.  And world events continue to suggest that both are becoming weaker militarily.

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