East vs. West: Russia, China, & India Opposing Sanctions on Iran & Syria



Russia, China, and India are not cooperating with the type of sanctions the EU and USA wants for Iran and Syria:

Global “great power politics” returns to Mideast

By Peter Apps, Political Risk Correspondent

LONDON | Tue Jan 31, 2012 7:28am EST

(Reuters) – With Russia sending warships to discourage foreign intervention in Syria, and China drawn more deeply into Iran’s confrontation with the West, “great power” politics is swiftly returning to the Middle East…Both have signaled a clear intention to prevent any “regime change” intervention in Syria; but Russia’s deployment of its flagship aircraft carrier and escorts to Syria’s port of Tarsus this month drew a starker than usual line in the sand…”Each time the West tightens the leash, Beijing quietly avails itself of the slack,” says Thomas Barnett, a former strategist for the U.S. Navy…

Washington Post 31 January 2012-MUMBAI, IndiaIndia has joined China in saying it will not cut back on oil imports from Iran, despite stiff new US and European sanctions designed to pressure Tehran over its nuclear program.
By Steve Gutterman | MOSCOW (Reuters) – A senior Russian diplomat said Tuesday that the push for adoption of a Western-Arab draft UN Security Council…Russia and China vetoed a European-drafted resolution on Syria in October.

Syrian opposition: Russia, Iran risking relations with future Syria

Ynetnews – 31 January 2012

Syrian Opposition member Fahed Al-Masri told a Lebanese radio station that the efforts Russia and Iran are making in order to save President Assad’s regime will be reflected in the countries’ future relations with Syria.”Russia will lose its last foothold in the Middle East and in Syria,” he said, adding that if Moscow continues to oppose the international community’s stance on Syria…

So the three geographically largest powers of the East are taking stands in stark contrast to the West.  The Bible ultimately indicates that an apparently Russian-led Eurasian confederation will take on the remaining power of the West (which at that time will be led by the European King of the North).  And China and India seem to be prophesied to support the Russian-led confederation.

But that will be later, just prior to the return of Jesus Christ (Revelation 9:16; 16:12-16).

At this time the East is playing a dangerous game that it is likely to lose, at least in a diplomatic sense.

No matter what their economic interests are, neither Russia nor India want an Islamic power to rise up.  And by defying the Western sanctions, perhaps those nations believe that dividing the Islamic world into Iran & Syria, the rest of the Arab nations, the Turkish nations, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Indonesia that this division will prevent an Islamic world power from rising up.

If they believe that, they are in error.

An Islamic power (the King of the South of biblical prophecy), apparently led by an Arabic power, will rise up.  By supporting Syria as it has been, Russia will alienate the Arab world (the Arab League has tended to back the West in regards to Syria and is not a particular fan of Iran).  Syria will not continue as it is and Iran may be neutralized, at least to a degree.

What the three Eastern powers are in essence doing is telling the Arab world that it is better off cooperating with the Europeans than with Russia, China, or India.  And the cooperation between the Arab and European worlds is something will temporarily be done (Daniel 11:27; Psalm 83:3-8).

China, itself, is interested in resources like oil and loves to take advantage of buying opportunities that Western sanctions, for example, can provide.  Yet China needs the markets of the West more than it actually needs Iranian oil.  The same is basically true for India.

Iran and Syria are really not so important to Russia, China, and India that they will back them no matter what (though there will be a future alliance with the Persians/Iranians, but this is for a time after the millennial reign of Christ and is discussed in Ezekiel 38:1-9).

So despite posturing from these three Eastern powers, the reality is that the West will gain the most influence in the Middle East from what is now happening.

Iran will not be the leader of the King of the South and whatever survives in Syria (cf. Isaiah 17:1) will apparently support the coming Arab leader of Daniel 11:40.  If those in Russia, China, and India understood biblical prophecy better they would realize that their current stand perhaps should be modified in regards to Iran and Syria.

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