EU “Sentinels” Launching in 2012

The Galileo Logo Contains 12 Stars That Come From an Icon of Mary


Regular readers of the COGwriter page are aware that the Europeans intend to have their own “GPS” system called Galileo operational in 2013.  However, they have another space program with military applications that they expect to have functional in 2012:

EU’s other little-known Military Space Project:  “GMES”

Five families of EU satellites called “Sentinels“, to be launched beginning in 2012, will soon be monitoring global activities.
By 2013, analysts at the EU Satellite Centre will be studying images from GMES. Europe opened the center in 2002 on the site of the United States’ former Torrejón Air Base, Spain.”C4ISR Journal

GMES: Serving environment and security
Europolitics – Oct 14, 2009New advances will be made soon in Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) with the European Commission’s imminent publication of a communication on development of the space segment of this European system of Earth observation in the areas of the environment and the security of people and property. Indeed, GMES is not an exnihilo creation…

Security and defence: The importance of European space capacities as a strategic strength is highlighted in the 2008 report by the high representative for CFSP and the European Commission on the impact of climate change on international security. Space programmes, such as GMES and Galileo, have a civilian definition, unlike the American GPS and Russia’s GLONASS, for example, but it is obvious that their multi-use capacity means they can be used by security services and military forces. A horizontal action concerning information security is being implemented to prepare the plan for data exchange in the field of security.

The system already includes land, air and even space tools developed in Europe at national level

The reality is that although the USA is currently the undisputed military power in the world, this is likely to change next decade as prophecy indicates that the European will have that.

Interestingly, USA President Obama has repeatedly encouraged the Europeans to increase their military strength.

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