EU’s Collider Sets Another Record



The CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) continues to have major success:

Swiss Atom Smasher Breaks World Record

FOX News – April 22, 2011

The world’s largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider, has set a new world record for colliding two beams of more particles together than ever before.

“Beam intensity is key to the success of the LHC, so this is a very important step,” CERN director general Rolf Heuer said in a statement. “Higher intensity means more data, and more data means greater discovery potential.”

The LHC set the new beam intensity world record around midnight Geneva time on April 22. It reached a luminosity of 4.67 x 1032 cm-2s-1, greater than the previous world record of 4.024 x 1032cm-2s-1, which was set by the world’s second-largest atom smasher, the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory’s Tevatron collider in Batavia, Ill., in 2010.

The CERN project continues to rapidly advance.  Notice that the record it just broke was an American one–the Europeans are moving faster on developing this technology than the Americans.

Perhaps I should mention that I have long suspected that CERN projects may give the EU a unique type of military weapon to empower it to become what will be perceived as the the premier military power in the world (for more about CERN, please see Why Prophecy? Because the World Will NOT End Next Week).

No other nation or group of nations will have the type of access to what will develop from the Large Hadron Collider than the Europeans. The Bible is clear that the final “Beast power” (which will be primarily European) will have such unique military capabilities that the entire world will marvel (cf. Revelation 13:3-4).  It appears that these capabilities are starting to be becoming developed now.

It might be worth mentioning that scientists working with the LHC “may have detected a long-sought subatomic particle called the Higgs boson, also known as the “God particle”” (; then again they may not as it has not been officially confirmed.  The reason I decided to mention this possible particle find is that it is possible, and even likely, that scientists at CERN may discover particles and/or other things that are not officially acknowledged that could have military applications.

Now if the Large Hadron Collider does have military potential, which I have long indicated that it does, all should understand that it is likely that the Europeans and not the Americans will benefit from it:

Collider Sets Record, and Europe Takes U.S.’s Lead

Published: December 9, 2009…

Those spinoffs now will invigorate the careers and labs of Europe, not the United States, pointed out Steven Weinberg, a physicist at the University of Texas in Austin, who won the Nobel Prize for work that will be tested in the new collider. Americans will work at CERN, but not as leaders, he said in an e-mail interview.

“There is also a depressing symbolism,” he added, “in the fact that the hottest new results in fundamental physics will for decades not be coming from our country.”

So, whatever technologies are spun-off from this project are expected to primarily benefit the Europeans and not the Americans.

The understanding of the Living Church of God that the Europeans will be able to attack and takeover the United States and its Anglo-descended allies (cf. Isaiah 10:5-11; Daniel 11:39) is correct and will come to pass. And it appears possible that the successes of the CERN LHC may assist in the fulfillment of those prophecies.

The fact that the Europeans (and not just the Swiss) have the Large Hadron Collider which will likely enable them to develop unique military capabilities to fulfill Revelation 13:3-4.  This is the leading physics project in the entire world and leading-edge military weaponry tends to come out of such projects (it may also help the Europeans locate gold, rare earth, and/or other precious metals).

World events are moving forward and many simply either do not watch or do not understand what is happening.

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