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Flags of the Arab League and the European Union 

Last night, ICG’s Mark Armstrong reported:

Pakistan has a nuclear arsenal.  The country is politically unstable and there is news this week indicating that Al Qaeda is turning its attention toward Pakistan. 

Iran is spinning the centrifuges, enriching uranium, and elements within our own government have tried to tie the President’s hands, insisting that Iran “halted” its nuclear weapons development in 2003, a program they consistently claimed never existed.  

It seems now like it’s a matter of “when” rather than “if” nuclear weapons can be deployed by elements of radical Islam.  Maybe it’ll be a couple of years, maybe more depending on whom you believe, unless there’s intervention.  It could happen sooner if things should go wrong in Pakistan. 

Many of the dominoes have lined up for Europe, but by no means all.  They’ve got a common currency, a serious Muslim problem, and a German Pope.  But they have in recent years elected surprisingly conservative politicians, apparently in an attempt to reverse the ravages decades of socialism have wrought.  I’m amazed to see a French president who’s more pragmatic and pro-American than many of our own candidates.
Despite the advent and success of the EURO currency, Europe has not yet become the strong political and military power of Bible prophecy. 

Despite threats to Israel’s continued existence, no entity fitting the description of the prophesied “king of the South” has yet emerged.  Could it be Iran?  Will Al Qaeda gain acceptance throughout the Islamic nations and fulfill that role?  Could it be…?  Fact is, time will tell, and we just don’t know yet.

What about America?  While the prophetic scenario has not fully developed, we should remember that the United States doesn’t appear to be a player in the final scenario.  A case can now be logically made that the U.S. is in greater danger from those who would lead it than from any exterior threat.

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