LCG on German Purchase of NYSE

Berlin Reichstag


Germany flexed some of its economic muscle recently and LCG reported the following in its announcements yesterday:

Germany Buying the New York Stock Exchange. In 2007, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) bought the European Stock operator Euronext. Now, Deutsche Börse, the German Stock market, is in “advanced talks” to purchase the NYSE. This deal will require approval by both the United States government and the European Union. NYSE Euronext’s markets include stock exchanges in the U.S., Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. A merger with the Deutsche Börse will create the world’s largest stock exchange. The combined group would initially have dual headquarters in New York and Frankfurt (, February 9, 2011; Times, February 16, 2011;, February 15, 2011). If the deal goes through, Frankfurt will replace London as the world’s “financial center” (Times, February 9, 2011) and give Germany controlling ownership in the stock exchanges in three other European nations and the U.S. It is worth noting that Bible prophecies reveal that the Beast-dominated religious system (Revelation 17 and 18) will also be an economic system that will, for a time, make the nations of the earth rich! God warned through Ezekiel that the Israelite-descended nations will one day be delivered into the hand of the Assyrians/Germans (Ezekiel 23:1-10). German control of the New York Stock Exchange, could lead to the fulfillment of these ancient prophecies. For more information on this subject request or download our free booklet, The Beast of Revelation.

I suspect by buying this, in a sense, Germany may ultimately feel betrayed when the USA collapses and will hold the USA accountable for that collapse.  This may be part of its ultimate” justification” for invasion.

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