New global order negotiations will not have USA or UK on top

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The European Union and USA have agreed to some negotiations which could be related to a new global economic order:

27 February 2013

The U.S. and EU have agreed to launch negotiations on what would be the world’s largest free trade deal. Such an agreement would be the basis for the creation of an economic NATO and would include trade in goods, services and investment, as well as cover intellectual property rights. There are concerns that the U.S. could use these talks to push the EU to loosen its restrictions on genetically modified crops and foods. In addition, the deal might serve as a backdoor means to implement ACTA which was rejected by the European Parliament last year.

A U.S.-EU Transatlantic trade agreement is seen as a way of countering China’s growing power and is the foundation for a new global economic order.

In his recent State of the Union address, President Barack Obama officially announced that the U.S. would launch talks on a comprehensive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the European Union (EU). A joint statement issued by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and U.S. President Obama explained that, “Through this negotiation, the United States and the European Union will have the opportunity not only to expand trade and investment across the Atlantic, but also to contribute to the development of global rules that can strengthen the multilateral trading system.”

In his State of the Union address two weeks ago, U.S. President Barack Obama announced that Washington would launch negotiations with the European Union this year on a comprehensive venture called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Negotiators in the United States and Europe aspire to make the TTIP the most advanced economic agreement in the world, and any deal will likely go beyond the most basic aspect of free trade — namely, the elimination of tariffs. More broadly, Europe and the United States can be expected to align their regulations regarding manufacturing and services such as finance and telecommunications. The deal would also address new frontiers of economic growth, including the U.S. shale gas market and online intellectual property. They also hope to eliminate almost all barriers to foreign direct investment…

A deal would give the West greater leverage to push back against China and reaffirm the liberal international order.

What most in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand do not realize is that although many are concerned about China, a new global order will simply no longer have the Anglo-descended nations on top–the top economic power will, for a time, be European.  Many others in the world will prosper from this “Babylonian” system, but it too will ultimately be destroyed (cf. Revelation 13, 18).
The type of trade agreement that the USA and EU are discussing also is likely to spark economic protests in Europe. Ultimately there will also be protests in the USA.
One particularly disturbing aspect for Europeans, in my view, is that they will be expected to import more of the USA’s genetically-modified organisms (GMOs).  If there is a major problem with genetically-engineered “foods” in the future (see also GMOs are Dangerous to Human Health), Europeans will remember that the USA somewhat forced them to accept more of them (presuming a deal like is being proposed comes to pass).
Now, of course, there are other economic issues in Europe and the USA.  Both have debt issues.  Notice something reported today about Europe’s debt as well as what the USA is doing via Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke:
Feb 27, 2013 4:34am EST. LONDON (Reuters) – The euro edged away from a seven-week low against the dollar on Wednesday but looked vulnerable to the risk an inconclusive Italian election will sour demand for the country’s bonds at an auction later.Strategists said higher borrowing costs at the sale of five- and 10-year bonds would fuel concerns the euro zone debt crisis could re-emerge in the region’s third largest economy and could push the euro lower…
Bernanke’s comments curbed demand for the dollar, which tends to be weakened by loose U.S. monetary policy.

The actions by the head of the Federal Reserve are hurting the dollar and ultimately will contribute to its crash.  Yet, Ben Bernanke attempted to justify his debt creation machine known as “quantitative easing” yesterday:

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke defended the central bank’s unprecedented asset purchases, saying they are supporting the expansion with little risk of inflation or asset-price bubbles.

“We do not see the potential costs of the increased risk- taking in some financial markets as outweighing the benefits of promoting a stronger economic recovery,” Bernanke said today in testimony to the Senate Banking Committee in Washington. “Inflation is currently subdued, and inflation expectations appear well anchored.”

So, is the policy of the Federal Reserve truly good for the economy of the USA or will it help lead to the end of the USA?  Do the benefits really outweigh the risks?  While most hope for the former, the reality is that the latter will happen.

The Bible warns against those who prefer to believe a lie over the truth:

14 Blessed are those who do His commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter through the gates into the city. 15 But outside are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie.  (Revelation 22:14-15)

Many in the USA and elsewhere seem to prefer to love the lie that it is okay to debase the currency through debt-related shenanigans and that this is good.  It is not.

Notice some biblical warnings about currency debasing:

4 Take away the dross from silver (Proverbs 25:4a).

25 I will turn My hand against you, And thoroughly purge away your dross, And take away all your alloy. (Isaiah 1:25)

22 Your silver has become dross, Your wine mixed with water. (Isaiah 1:22)

Dross is a cheaper metal that is normally placed inside a covering of a precious metal like silver. Governments began to do this thousands of years ago when they had financial problems. Putting dross into silver cheapens currency, just like putting water into wine dilutes the wine’s value.

In modern times, government spending in excess of revenues and quantitative easing programs (QE1, QE2, and QE3, from the Fed Chairman) are a way to dilute the value of currencies. This is not the biblical solution to US economic problems. Quantitative easing programs are a form of “dishonest profits” that the U.S.A. is improperly reaping because of its position in the world, but that is not good:

13 “Behold, therefore, I beat My fists at the dishonest profit which you have made, and at the bloodshed which has been in your midst. 14 Can your heart endure, or can your hands remain strong, in the days when I shall deal with you? I, the Lord, have spoken, and will do it. 15 I will scatter you among the nations, disperse you throughout the countries, and remove your filthiness completely from you. 16 You shall defile yourself in the sight of the nations; then you shall know that I am the Lord. (Ezekiel 22:13-16)

QE3 is sending a strong signal to the world that the USA does not know how to truly fix its economy, but that it hopes because its dollar is the primary world’s reserve currency that it can get away with currency debasement and the rest of the world will put up with it–and while that may be true in the short run, it is sending a signal to the rest of the world that the US dollar needs to be replaced as the world’s primary reserve currency. Now, the real cause of why all of this is happening to the USA is sin.

While the Europeans will make various deals with the USA, many there see what is happening in the USA (e.g. IMF: Suspending debt ceiling hurts United States tremendously) and realize that this will give the Europeans the opportunity to lead a new global order.  This new world order is warned against in the Bible (cf. Revelation 13, 18).

The new global order will not be good for the USA or its Anglo-descended allies (nor ultimately for Europe).

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