UK continuing plans to cut forces in Germany, despite the Ukrainian situation

David Cameron


The UK’s Prime Minister seems to be content with plans to cut British troop levels in Germany, despite the Russian/Crimean/Ukrainian situation, though not all agree:

March 24, 2014

The UK should recruit more soldiers in light of the Ukraine and Syria crises and retain 3,000 troops in Germany, the former head of the Army has said.

Lord Dannatt said that amid Nato concerns over Russian forces in Crimea, the West must have “muscle behind our message”.

But the Ministry of Defence currently plans to reduce the size of the Army.

And Prime Minister David Cameron said he didn’t think it was “necessary” to change those restructuring plans…

Under the 2010 strategic defence review, the government announced it wanted to withdraw all 20,000 troops in Germany, plus their families, by 2020.

And current plans for cuts to the Army will see personnel numbers reduced from 102,000 to 82,000 by 2018.

Britain may even plan to pull out nearly all of its troops from Germany.  Last year, the USA removed the last of its tanks from German soil (see There are no longer USA tanks in Germany: Do Americans understand this is a serious risk?) and this year the USA announced a reduction in its planned number of ground troops (see US Army plans to shrink to pre-WWII levels).  Since the USA has declared it would ‘pivot’ towards Asia (see, for example, USA’s Biden rejects China’ fly zone requirements and confirms plan for more focus on Asia-Pacific), this mean less USA ground troops in continental Europe.

These, and other moves, by the UK and USA are massive military risks. Having less troops and hardware (like tanks) on the ground in Europe will likely prove to be a military disaster for the USA and UK.

USA’s President Obama is now in Europe talking tough.  But his earlier threats and tough rhetoric did not stop the Russians from annexing Crimea and may not stop them from adding additional territories if they really decide to take them.  Russia flat-out wants to restore most of the old Soviet Union (see also The Eurasian Union, the Kings of the East, and Bible Prophecy) and sees the objectives of the USA and, more and more the European Union, as standing in its way for more territory.

This is affecting Europe more than most realize.  Europe has started to take steps and will take more, despite the expected cuts in ground troops from the UK.  Notice also the following:

Now, a serious recalibration is underway, particularly in countries with memories of Soviet tanks rumbling across their borders.

“If we don’t do something quickly about it, some of our capabilities will be degraded to such an extent that they cease to exist,” Czech armed forces chief Petr Pavel warned last week…

Lithuania spends less than one per cent of its output on the military but plans to ramp that up now…Officials in Lithuania and Baltic neighbours Estonia and Latvia have called on NATO to move more resources there including ground troops and missile defences…countries in central and northern Europe “are likely to consider additional budgetary allocations in light of now-heightened threat perceptions,” Rajendran added.

Europeans are finally waking up to some of the military risks they face.

Ultimately, I believe that Europe’s Galileo ‘GPS’ or similar technology, as well as what is likely to come from Europe’s Large Hadron Collider and/or Germany’s FAIR collider, as well as its ELI and Galileo projects, will be used as part of an attack on American (USA, UK, and possibly Canadian) forces, as well as to help prevent high-tech counter-strikes from the USA and UK. With the loss of  more ground troops in Europe, both the USA and UK will also not be able to effectively respond in a more conventional manner as well.

Europe will further develop military technology to fill in the gap, and continues to do so. And the USA will one day regret it according to Bible prophecy (e.g. Daniel 11:39).

The reality is that since the EU is all about trying to be a revival of the old Holy Roman Empire and that it certainly does intend to be a military empire. If not, I simply do not believe that Germany (who tried to recreate the empire via two world wars) would continue to fund the EU. Nor would the Europeans have developed the Galileo satellite system (EU Approves Galileo For Military Use and USA GPS and EU Galileo linking was expected), the Large Hadron Collider (CERN Makes Major Strides with Antimatter), decided to fund FAIR (another collider-type project, see Germany Approves FAIR Particle Accelerator Project), nor be involved in various other activities that it is now engaged in (e.g. Europe Looking to be a Major Player in Space), like laser nuclear fusion/ELI (see Europe’s Galileo ‘GPS’ and laser nuclear fusion).  See also European Technology and the Beast of Revelation and/or watch the video Military Technology and the Beast of Revelation.

World events are aligning with properly understood biblical prophecy.  And as Jesus said, “Watch” (Mark 13:37).

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