US Defense Department plans to intentionally recruit illegal aliens


Despite the fact that the US Army is planning on cutting its size, the Defense Department has decided to actively seek some illegal aliens:

September 26, 2014

The Defense Department plans to let some illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children enlist in the military — a policy that comes as the Army is effectively firing active-duty soldiers due to budget cuts.

The Military Times reports that a program — called the Military Accessions Vital to National Interest, or MAVNI — which currently allows recruiters to search for foreign nationals with unique skills will be expanded to accommodate the new policy.

The Defense Department now wants to let in some illegal immigrants who enjoyed a reprieve under a 2012 Obama administration policy. That policy applied to those who came to the country before they were 16 years old and spares them from deportation.

The new program reportedly is capped at 1,500 recruits every year, and could be the first step in an effort to create a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants.

Ancient Rome hired a lot of non-Romans to be in its army.  In time, some of them turned against Rome and Rome was sacked.

Notice also the following from 2014:

The term “illegal alien” is a contentious one today, when the words we choose are weapons in political argument. But in comparing the situation in America with ancient Rome, most of the euphemistic, pro-immigrant terms are anachronistic. “Undocumented immigrant” doesn’t fit because ancient people did not carry documents; and most of the people on Roman territory clamoring for citizenship did not immigrate to get there. …
Over time, the aliens squeezed through the cracks. The Roman army kept getting larger, as its conquests grew. War casualties, especially in the long fight against Carthage (264-146 BC), its most powerful rival, created a need to raise more soldiers from the allies, and more of them were rewarded by becoming integrated in the Roman legions.
My point here is what the illegal alien struggle in Rome tells us about ourselves. Roman conservatives fought against extending citizenship even more violently than their American counterparts. But they still lost. True, the conservatives had the law on their side; and they were right when they accused reformers and ethnic aliens of breaking the law. But the laws were made in their own interest by the conservatives, and their unwillingness to reform made the struggle turn outside legal channels.

The country which is the world center, where wealth and power is concentrated, is inevitably a magnet for those who are poorer and less privileged.

Alaric, whose Visigoths had been used as allies but now, with the death of Theodosius, renounced their allegiance and rose in revolt. … in AD 410 Alaric marched on Rome itself, the first time in almost eight hundred years that the “Eternal City” in Tibullus’ phrase (Elegies, II.5) had been attacked.

Here is something from a booklet from the old WCG titled Modern Romans:

   MASSIVE public works… striking architecture… cosmopolitan cities… masters of advanced war — fare… bureaucratic institutions… a melting pot… and more!
These descriptions are as valid of Rome’s past achievements as they are of ours in our dizzyingly sophisticated modern Western world.
In its time in history, the Roman Empire occupied a position of power and influence very similar to that held by the United States or Western civilization in our time. We know more about the Romans than any other great civilization of antiquity. And, interestingly enough, the Roman Empire covered an area approximately the size of the United States.
The United States and the Rome of past glory both started out as struggling, insignificant colonies of people ruled over by a monarchy. Injustices led to revolution and establishment of a republic. Still later, after extensive expansions, they both were torn apart by civil war. But then each settled down and rose to heights of undisputed world power and leadership.
The Roman superpower could boast, just like American or Western counterparts, of their possession of a highly developed system of law and justice, government and order, and without doubt, production of goods and services. Western civilization, in fact, prides itself on its Roman legacy.
But Rome crumbled!
Like all highly developed and powerful empires fallen into the dust of their times, rich, affluent ancient Rome left us another legacy ail but forgotten in our hectic times: a chronicle of human social and political folly, of worsening economic and military events that virtually guaranteed Roman civilization, or any other civilization on a similar course, a destiny of growing troubles, decline and eventual collapse.
Certainly, history buffs could point out significant and valid differences between space-age Western civilization and the Rome of past centuries. Absolute parallelism is not the object of this booklet. But giving a WARNING is!
Proud Romans became lulled by the belief in the seeming “eternity” and superiority of their system, in their long chain of rarely broken military and economic successes, as if fate had determined they should always come out on top despite repeated challenges to their existence. They extolled their fabulous material-technological achievements and standard of living. They prided them­ selves on their liberal and generous (to their thinking) largesse to nations conquered in war.

While the above writing is several decades old, there are  parallels between ancient Rome and the USA.  Rome had overwhelming military superiority, ended up relying too much on alliances and aliens, and, over time, fell.  Rome was not built in a day as the expression states, but it also took time for its enemies to realize it declined enough to to sacked.

Many think that the military of the USA is too strong to ever be beat militarily. The Bible indicates the opposite (Daniel 11:39).

The power in the USA is declining as did that of the ancient Romans.

As, Jesus said, “Watch” (Mark 13:37).

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