ZH: Powell Warns Of “Economic Pain” From Tightening, Says “Historical Record Cautions Against Loosning Policy Prematurely” World Bank warns of stagflation


The USA inflation rate has been at a four decade high in the USA. Rising inflation is consistent with something in my book Biden-Harris: Prophecies and Destruction:

 Make no mistake about it — massive inflation is coming.

The U.S.A. dollar will ultimately crash and be worthless. That “pride” of American power will be broken (cf. Leviticus 26:19). …

Inflation will eventually hit the U.S.A. extremely hard.

And, one day inflation will be much worse it is than now.

What is the plan to deal with inflation in the USA?

Well, the head of the US Federal Reserve spoke today and pointed to another rise in interest rates:

Powell Warns Of “Economic Pain” From Tightening, Says “Historical Record Cautions Against Loosning Policy Prematurely”

August 26, 2022

Fed Chair Jerome … Powell’s speech, including highlights:

  • Powell: Size of Sept. Rate Hike Hinges on ‘Totality’ of Data
  • Powell: Will Likely Require Restrictive Policy for Some Time
  • Powell: History Cautions Against ‘Prematurely’ Loosening Policy
  • Powell: “inflation has just about everyone’s attention right now, which highlights a particular risk today: The longer the current bout of high inflation continues, the greater the chance that expectations of higher inflation will become entrenched.”

Quoting from both Volcker and Greenspan, Powell lays out his speech in the form of three distinct lessons:

  1. The first lesson is that central banks can and should take responsibility for delivering low and stable inflation. It may seem strange now that central bankers and others once needed convincing on these two fronts, but as former Chairman Ben Bernanke has shown, both propositions were widely questioned during the Great Inflation period.
  2. The second lesson is that the public’s expectations about future inflation can play an important role in setting the path of inflation over time. Today, by many measures, longer-term inflation expectations appear to remain well anchored. That is broadly true of surveys of households, businesses, and forecasters, and of market-based measures as well. But that is not grounds for complacency, with inflation having run well above our goal for some time. If the public expects that inflation will remain low and stable over time, then, absent major shocks, it likely will. Unfortunately, the same is true of expectations of high and volatile inflation. During the 1970s, as inflation climbed, the anticipation of high inflation became entrenched in the economic decisionmaking of households and businesses. The more inflation rose, the more people came to expect it to remain high, and they built that belief into wage and pricing decisions… Inflation has just about everyone’s attention right now, which highlights a particular risk today: The longer the current bout of high inflation continues, the greater the chance that expectations of higher inflation will become entrenched.
  3. That brings me to the third lesson, which is that we must keep at it until the job is done. History shows that the employment costs of bringing down inflation are likely to increase with delay, as high inflation becomes more entrenched in wage and price setting. The successful Volcker disinflation in the early 1980s followed multiple failed attempts to lower inflation over the previous 15 years. A lengthy period of very restrictive monetary policy was ultimately needed to stem the high inflation and start the process of getting inflation down to the low and stable levels that were the norm until the spring of last year. Our aim is to avoid that outcome by acting with resolve now.

The Fed Chair also had a very clear warning to the US: pain is coming:

Restoring price stability will take some time and requires using our tools forcefully to bring demand and supply into better balance. Reducing inflation is likely to require a sustained period of below-trend growth. Moreover, there will very likely be some softening of labor market conditions. While higher interest rates, slower growth, and softer labor market conditions will bring down inflation, they will also bring some pain to households and businesses. These are the unfortunate costs of reducing inflation. But a failure to restore price stability would mean far greater pain.

Putting it together, Powell concludes that “these lessons are guiding us as we use our tools to bring inflation down. We are taking forceful and rapid steps to moderate demand so that it comes into better alignment with supply, and to keep inflation expectations anchored. We will keep at it until we are confident the job is done.” https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/watch-live-fed-chair-powell-speaks-jackson-hole

So, the view is that although stagflation is bad because of raising interest rates, because of rising inflation, higher rates look to come and will have to be tolerated.

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Inflation: When Money Fails

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Here is a link to our video: Inflation: When Money Fails.

If governments would not have printed up so much debt money for political and other reasons, inflation would not be as much of an issue. But because many have, stagflation is more and more seen as likely.

Slowing down the economy to deal with inflation by raising interest rates causes other problems.

Some are concerned that raising interest rates, which is what Jerome Powell is advocating, may push world economies into stagflation or worse.

Yet, some, like World Bank President David Malpass (who is shown in the tweet at the beginning of this post) point to increasing output instead of moving towards stagflation as a better way to proceed:

World Bank’s Malpass Worries Stagflation to Persist on Weak Supply

  • Greater output needed from big economies to bring down prices
  • US must find out how it can ‘produce a lot more of everything’

August 26, 2022

World Bank President David Malpass says the global economy may be stuck in a stagflation quagmire for a while unless large economies can increase production dramatically.

“Stagflation is hard to get out of,” he said in an interview Friday with Bloomberg Television’s Surveillance …

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome … Powell said lowering inflation to the 2% target is the central bank’s “overarching focus right now” even though it will mean economic pain for consumers and businesses.

“The Fed, as it’s raising interest rates, is fighting uphill with the friction in the global system,” Malpass said. “You’re getting that reduction in demand as the rate hikes go through, but not getting commensurate supply increases. That’s where the focus needs to be for the central banks.”  …

“Stagflation means higher inflation than you want and lower growth, and clearly we have that,” he said. “In the history books, they’ll maybe mark it as, we hope, a short period.

“But my worry is for developing countries, and people in lower income levels, is that the stagflation may last for quite a while,” he said. “They get hurt because the inflation hurts them and the slow growth hurts them at the same time.” US inflation is above 8% annually, its highest since the 1980s. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-08-26/world-bank-s-malpass-worries-stagflation-persists-on-weak-supply

Yes, if there is more supply (more goods produced) this would help reduce the inflation rate as well as generally improve the economies of those that produce more. This, in theory, is a much better solution–but it is not the direction from the US Federal Reserve as it likely believes that it cannot do much to improve needed production–and one thing that needs more production is food.

Notice also the following:

What is Stagflation?

Stagflation is an economic event in which the inflation rate is high, economic growth rate slows, and unemployment remains steadily high. Such an unfavorable combination is feared and can be a dilemma for governments since most actions designed to lower inflation may raise unemployment levels, and policies designed to decrease unemployment may worsen inflation. accessed 03/02/22 https://corporatefinanceinstitute.com/resources/knowledge/economics/stagflation/

So, stagflation is inflation without growth.

But that is not the only problem, increased interest rates will lead to increased debt as well for the USA. One day this will cause a destructive vicious circle that the US economy will not get out of.

I warned earlier this year about the prospect of stagflation (see Supply chain, inflation, stagflation?).

We now look set for at least some of that to happen.

This will harm many in the USA and many around the world.

Jesus warned of famines (Matthew 24:4-8) as part of the beginning of sorrows. The Book of Revelation warned about food shortages and food price inflation associated with the ride of the third horseman of the Apocalypse (Revelation 6:5-6).

Looking to increase food and energy production would seem to better solutions than raising interest rates, but that does not seem to be a high priority for the US Federal Reserve, the Biden-Harris Administration, nor most of the politicians in Washington, D.C.

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