SDA, Calvin, Luther View on Papal and Islamic Antichrist in Slight Error

White Horseman Related to “Antichrist”


The late Seventh-day Adventist scholar Samuele Bacchiocchi reported the following not too long before he died:

Luther and Calvin’s Understanding of Islam and the Papacy

In the last newsletter we reviewed Luther and Calvin’s understanding of Islam and of the Papacy as being the two aspects of the power of the Antichrist predicted in Daniel and Revelation. We saw that this interpretation was defended  even by Jonathan Edwards, the first President of Princeton University and one of the most respected American theologian,

In his book A History of the Work of Redemption, Edwards wrote: “The two great works of the devil which he wrought against the Kingdom of Christ are . . . his Anti-Christian (Romish or Papal) and Mahometan (Muslim or Islamic) kingdoms, which have been, and still are, two kingdoms of great extent and strength. Both together swallow up the Ancient Roman Empire; the (Papal) kingdom of the Antichrist swallowing up the Western Empire; and Satan’s Mahometan kingdom the Eastern Empire . . . In the Book of Revelation (chapter 16-20) . . . it is in the destruction of these that the glorious victory of Christ at the introduction of the glorious times of the Church, will mainly consists.”

I feel that this historical interpretation deserves serious consideration. Thus in the last newsletter I examined the identifying marks of the prophetic Antichrist. We found that both the Papacy and Islam fulfill the distinctive characteristics of the Antichrist presented in 1 John, Daniel and Revelation.

While an Islamic leader would be considered as “antichrist”, the way that Dr. Bacchiocchi and the others he referred to presumably meant this is that both the false Papal leader (I, and many Catholics, believe that the final “Antichrist” will be a false or “antipope”) and the Islamic leader (probably who will be known as the Imam Mahdi) will both be the “Antichrist”.

There are several reasons that this is in error.  But in certain respects, this is slight.  There will be a false Papal and apparently major Islamic leader at the time of the end.  And both are likely to be influenced by the rider of the White Horse of Revelation 6 (which represents a surging in ecumenical and false religions).

The Book of Daniel clearly refers to two end time leaders.  One called the ten-horned Beast in Revelation, who is supported by the Antichrist (the two-horned Beast of Revelation 13), and is known as the King of the North.  And the other who is the leader of an Islamic confederation known as the King of the South.  But the Islamic leader is NOT really one of two Antichrists–though again he would be “anti-Christ” as Islamic leaders do not accept that Jesus’ deity, etc.

The Islamic leader, biblically referred to as the final King of the South does NOT last very long into the Great Tribulation.  While the precise time-period is hard to accurately determine, it seems to be a matter of months from the start of the Great Tribulation (Daniel 11:39) until the elimination of the King of the South by the King of the North (Daniel 11:40-43).

Even according to Islamic prophecy, the  Roman Catholic military leader who will betray a seven-year deal made with the Islamic leader (such deals are consistent with Daniel 9:27; Psalm 83) will reign until Jesus comes.

Here are some Islamic sources about some of this:

Rasaullah [Muhammed] said: “There will be four peace agreements between you and the Romans [Christians].  The fourth agreement will be mediated through a person who will be the progeny of Hadrat Haroon [Honorable Aaron — Moses’ brother] and will be upheld for seven years. (As cited in Richardson J. Antichrist: Islam’s Awaited Messiah. Pleasant Word, 2006, p. 48)

…a life of peace as a result of a peace agreement between you and the Banil Asfaar (Romans) which they will break and attack you. (Ibn Zubair Ali, Mohammed Ali. The minor signs of Last Days from: The Signs of Qiyamah. viewed 06/21/09)

Here is what how The New Encyclopedia of Islam describes the end of it:

The reign of the Mahdi will be followed by that of the Antichrist… once the Antichrist has led away his followers, Jesus will then come to destroy the Antichrist in the closing moments of the cosmic drama.

Anyway, there are two leaders, but the Islamic one will not really be the final Antichrist.  Though, he and the final Antichrist will be around for a while, together.

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