Former Ambassador College Big Sandy campus hosts naval cadet training

Part of old Big Sandy grounds


A reader tipped me off to the following about the old Ambassador College Big Sandy campus hosting a training exercise for naval cadets:

BIG SANDY — Cadets of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps Tyler Joint Force Battalion came to the International Alert Academy in Big Sandy last weekend to take part in training events.

Sea cadets ages 10-18 tackled the low-ropes confidence and challenge course to learn teamwork and develop problem-solving skills and self-confidence. Instructors from the academy and USNSCC officers led 21 cadets through team-building exercises, which culminated in a “trust fall” exercise.

“It was an amazing sight to watch these cadets challenge themselves and overcome obstacles,” said Lt. Randy Hyde, the unit’s commanding officer. “It is good preparation for tackling new endeavors in life.”

The training event was part of the group’s monthly drill weekend during which cadets in Tyler Joint Force Battalion gain experience in seamanship, etiquette, culinary arts, close order drill, flag presentation, swimming, leadership, community service and scuba diving.  08/31/19

The old Worldwide Church of God (WCG) was opposed to Christians being in the military, as is the current Continuing Church of God.

In 1980, I attended the Feast of Tabernacles in Big Sandy. I stayed in a small tent in what was called the Piney Woods.

Since the apostasy at WCG, the Big Sandy campus has been used for a variety of gatherings that would have been opposed by the old WCG (e.g. Catholic camp in Big Sandy, PCG buying Bricket Wood, Pasadena demolished for housing and Instead of Feast of Tabernacles, Big Sandy to Host Protestant Camp Next Week).

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