Biden claims USA will stand with Ukraine against Russian aggression

US Vice President Joseph Biden


US Vice President Joseph Biden warned Russia that Vladimir Putin’s plans are ‘doomed to fail’:

May 27, 2015

The United States will stand by Ukraine to fight Russian aggression, which has become a prominent consideration for European security, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday.

Speaking at the Brookings Institution in Washington, Biden said that supporting Ukraine is important for the future of the country, for the future of European security and for the future of the international order.

“So long as Ukraine’s leaders keep faith with the project of reform, the U.S. will continue to stand with them,” Biden said. U.S. sanctions on Russia must and will stay in place until the Minsk agreement is fully implemented, Biden added.

The Minsk agreement, reached in February by France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and pro-Russia separatists, called for a cease-fire and withdrawal of foreign troops and heavy weapons leading to a lasting solution to the conflict in Ukraine.

The U.S. focus will also be directly on addressing the humanitarian tragedy created by Russian aggression, Biden said.

In one of the most strongly worded speeches by a top American official, the vice president said that “Russia is taking steps to undermine its European neighbors and strengthen its hegemonic position,” which the United States and the West strongly condemn.

Since assuming the Russian presidency, Vladimir Putin has significantly changed, Biden said. He said Putin had shown contempt for the sovereignty of Russian neighbors, and therefore “the world looks different today than it did before [Putin] reassumed the presidency. … As he has changed, so has our focus. We will continue to expose Russia to the world.”

Biden also said Putin’s vision “has very little to offer the Russian people but myths” and is doomed to fail.

The USA keeps up with its rhetoric and not employing its military. The USA threatened significant costs if Russia ended up with Crimea, Russia ended up with it, and the ‘costs’ were mostly personal difficulties and insults. Russia is holding to its position, holding on to Crimea, and is trying to decide the best way to get Eastern Ukraine under its influence. USA threats may have slowed Russia down, but do not seem to have changed what Russia wants to accomplish in Ukraine.

As far as being ‘doomed to fail’ goes, the Bible shows that Russia will be around AFTER the USA is destroyed.  This type of rhetoric from the USA will tend to inflame Russia more and make Russia even more determined to work to eliminate USA hegemony.  As far as the USA goes, the massive debt accumulation that began towards the end of the Bush Administration, which has accelerated under the Obama-Biden Administration is biblically doomed to fail (Habakkuk 2:6-8).

Anyway, the USA and EU are still not intending to support the Kiev government militarily and hence Ukraine remains in a difficult spot. Ukraine also has serious economic problems that estranging itself from Russia as it has been trying to do has exacerbated.

Vladimir Putin wants as much of Ukraine in his Eurasian Union as possible. He will take economic, political, and military risks to do so–but even he has limits. That being said, ultimately a massive Eurasian confederation will form with Russia holding some type of leadership position in which it hits the final European ‘daughter of Babylon’ hard (Jeremiah 50:41-43). Until then, there will be changes that ultimately will allow this to come to pass.

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