ECB launches ‘quantitative easing’ for the Euro

European Central Bank, Frankfurt (Eric Chan)


The Europeans have decided to partially follow the lead of the USA and UK and engage in a currency devaluation program called quantitative easing:

PARIS—The European Central Bank has launched an ambitious stimulus program aimed to stop deflation and boost the ailing, 19-member eurozone.  The  ECB plans to buy billions of dollars worth of eurozone bonds in the coming months.More than a year ago, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said the institution would do “whatever it takes”  to preserve the struggling euro currency zone.  Thursday, the ECB delivered action.Draghi said the bank will inject up to $1.3 trillion or more into the eurozone economy, buying up government bonds.”We believe that the measures taken today will be effective, will raise inflation – medium-term inflation expectations – and basically address the economic situation in the euro area,” he said.The ECB will begin buying nearly $69 billion worth of government bonds each month through September 2016.  The measure aims to encourage banks in the eurozone countries to lend more, at lower interest rates.  That is expected to push businesses and consumers to borrow and spend more.

The ECB has set a target of a less than two percent inflation rate.  That is well above the current level.  Last month, eurozone inflation had dipped below zero.

The ECB also said it is cutting the interest rate it charges on loans to commercial banks.

New measures have limits

The bond buying program is known as quantitative easing.  The United States and Britain have used this program to recover from the global financial crisis.  But Draghi warned the new measures only go so far.

“What monetary policy can do is create the basis for growth.  For growth to pick up, you need investment. For investment you need confidence.  And for confidence, you need structural reforms.  The ECB has taken a further, very expansionary measure today.  But now it is up to the governments to implement these structural reforms.  And the more they do, the more effective will be our monetary policy.”

The ECB action had been widely anticipated, but Thursday’s announcement exceeded some expectations and led to mixed reactions.

German opposition

The European action is controversial. The eurozone’s biggest economy, Germany, has opposed the bond-buying, voicing fears that the stimulus measure will give the bloc’s weakest economies, such as Greece, less incentive to reform their debt-ridden governments.

Speaking before the bank’s action, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that no matter what the bank did, Europe’s political leaders “need to put a framework for recovery in place.”

Programs like quantitative easing are essentially a legalized form of counterfeiting.  The way I understand the European one, governments in the Euro-zone will continue to issue bonds (a form of debt) and the ECB will print up money (mainly electronically) to purchase them.  The money will then be used by the governments to spend on whatever programs and projects they want.  It might be that the ECB will be selective on which bonds it buys, in theory, to prevent more reckless spending and to encourage growth in jobs and technology.  It reduces deflation essentially by inflating the money supply.

The Germans have not wanted a full blown version of ‘quantitative easing’ for at least four reasons:

  1. The Germans feel that certain nations are not properly disciplined financially and a program like quantitative easing will mean that they will fail to correct certain practices that the Germans feel they need to.
  2. The Germans feel that they will have to bail out nations that are not properly disciplined financially, hence they do not want to encourage this.
  3. The Germans fear the type of hyperinflation that happened prior to WWII and realize that quantitative easing type programs but them and all of Europe at risk of repeat–which also means that the Germans do not wish to risk losing their wealth if the Euro is dragged down because of hyperinflation or other currency issues.
  4. The Germans would like to have a currency that is the real reserve currency for the world and do not wish to make the mistakes that they see the USA doing with its dollar.

But then again, the Germans would prefer that the Euro-zone continue, so there we have seen today’s announcement.

From a prophetic perspective, the Europeans do not have to have a perfect currency, only one that is perceived to be in better shape than the USA dollar.

Back in 2013 (see BlackRock cautioning against USA stocks; European finance ministers meeting), I posted the following:

As far as the USA vs. Europe goes, there are some points I want to make.  First some points about the USA:

  1. The Bible is clear that the nation with the highest amount of debt will fall and be taken over (Habakkuk 2:6-8).
  2. The USA is the most indebted nation in the history of humanity.
  3. The incoming head of the US Federal Reserve has stated that she wants to continue to debase the value of the currency of the USA, which is a form of increased indebtedness.  When or how this may be ‘tapered’ will be seen.
  4. The Bible is clear that a time of Jacob’s trouble is coming (Jeremiah 30:7).
  5. The USA will eventually lose its economic (cf. Revelation 13) and military (Daniel 11:39) dominance.
  6. But eventually does not mean 2014, though stock prices will fluctuate in 2014.
  7. The economy of the USA will fluctuate until it totally collapses.

As far as Europe goes, there are several points to consider:

  1. The European Union is the biggest exporter in the world (see Germany: Merkel’s new coalition wants Germany to increase influence and set European standards–EU exports already number 1 in the world).
  2. Europe is prophesied to have economic  and military  dominance (cf. Revelation 13), and takeover the USA and its close Anglo-Saxon allies (Daniel 11:39).
  3. Yet, the Bible warns that it will have problems (Daniel 2:41-43).
  4. Europe may have violent civil unrest, which would negatively affect many stock values there.
  5. The Bible teaches that Europe will reorganize at least two more times (Revelation 17:12 & 17:13).
  6. The Bible teaches that eventually the financial system in Europe will collapse (Revelation 18).
  7. Europe’s financial collapse will happen years after that of the USA.

Both the economy of the USA and that of the rising European power will eventually collapse.

Outside of the Bible, history, and news reports, part of why Europe will rise perhaps can be partially illustrated by story.

There once was a movie that had two men camping outdoors.  Suddenly, one man yells, “Run, a bear!”  The other man yells back, “You can’t outrun a bear.”  The first man responded with, “True, but all I have to do is to outrun you.”

The implication is that the first man only needed to be better in the site of the bear than the second one, which presumably the bear would consider to be weaker, and then catch and destroy.

From an economic perspective, the story basically is that the economy of Europe does not need to be perfect, only perceived to better than that of the USA to someday surpass it.

Europe hopes that infusing money into the economies of Europe will essentially reduce the potential for unrest, increase jobs, and improve technological developments, with destroying the Euro.  The quantitative easing program may enough to temporarily deal with the negative effects of some of the sanctions that the EU has against Russia–at least for a time.

The Bible teaches that the final ‘ten toes’ of the European power will have difficulties (Daniel 2:41-43) and will reorganize (Revelation 17:12-13).

We will see how many ‘reorganizations’ Europe may have to go through before then.  I would also add that I do expect civil unrest in Europe, despite its quantitative easing strategy.

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