Europe Looking to Expand Arms Sales to India, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia

EADS Eurofighter Typhoon Jet


One of Europe’s leading military suppliers is trying to expand internationally:

July 18, 2010

EADS looks to India, Brazil for defense growth

I have long written that Brazil would get closer to Europe militarily and economically (see Mexico, Central America, South America, and Brazil in Prophecy), and this seems to be a step in that direction.

The Bible is clear that a major military deal will be made between the Europeans and the Arabs (Psalm 83).  Having smaller ones prior to that would seem to also be necessary.  And that is apparently what EADS is hoping to do.

India keeps taking steps to try to become a more important economic (see India’s 2020 Expectations) and military power (Russia and India Hoping for Jet Superiority by 2015).  Deals, such as what EADS seems willing to do, would seem consistent with this.

Of course, any deals that the Europeans get likely will mean that the USA (the world’s largest arms exporter) will get less.  Southern California used to be the military aerospace capital of the world.  And it looks like it has lost so much of its capacity to other USA states and foreign countries, that it will not regain that position.  Only a couple of decades ago, Hughes Aircraft was the largest private employer in California.  But many operations were moved to other states and the company itself sold off in pieces.

The tide is turning against USA dominance of aerospace.  And while the USA still has the “strongest fortresses”, its people would be wise to realize that the Bible is clear that the end time European King of the North (which is developing but not ready yet) will go against the land of the strongest fortresses and divide it for gain (please read and pray about Daniel 11:39, NKJV, if you have any doubts).

The more European companies like EADS succeed, the closer this is coming.

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