Obama and the Philippines


US President Barack Obama met with the President Gloria Arroyo of the Philippines today:

Obama backs Philippine peace push

(AFP) – July 30, 2009, about 1900 hours EDT

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Thursday threw his support behind peace moves between the Philippines and Muslim rebels as he met with President Gloria Arroyo.

Holding his first White House summit with a Southeast Asian leader, Obama hailed the long-standing US alliance with the Philippines on a range of issues including pressing Myanmar on democracy…

“She has initiated a peace process in Mindanao that we think has the potential to bring peace and stability to a part of the Philippines that has been wracked by unrest for too long,” he said.

Arroyo thanked the United States for its years of assistance to help the Philippines fight Muslim militants.

She also hailed Obama for reaching out to the Islamic world.

“We welcome President Obama’s reaching out to the Muslim world. And also we are very pleased about the importance that he affords to engagement with our part of the world,” she said.

Obama spent part of his childhood in Indonesia, another nation his administration has identified for stronger ties.

The Philippines has been among the most vocal Southeast Asian nations in pressuring the military regime Myanmar, earlier known as Burma, where a court on Friday is set to hand a verdict to democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi.  http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5gqnXsJu8xwUENlgdeOfz4KNvgP7w

It is good that leaders are talking peace.

The US President, however, is likely to be an enabler of both Muslim (King of the South) and Non-Muslim (King of the North) forces throughout his presidency.  His timing and his policies clearly seem to put him in line with that as they should rise up next decade.

It is not totally clear, to me at least, if the Philippines will ultimately end-up siding with the coming European power (King of the North) because of its long-standing ties to Western nations or if it will become one of the “kings of the east” that the Bible foretells (Revelation 16:4).

I do suspect, however, that the Philippines will likely prosper during the time of the King of the North as it is likely that he will stop Islamic uprisings (cf Daniel 11:40-43), and prosper many nations (Revelation 18).

What MAY be most likely to happen is that the Philippines could temporarily support the Europeans and then later join others in Asia who will ultimately turn on the European King of the North.  But as I indicated, the Bible is not clear enough now (to me at least) to be certain, though this seems likely.

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