Rick Santorum’s Netherland’s Offense

Rick Santorum (Photo by Gage Skidmore)


Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum offended many in the Netherlands:

Santorum’s Incredible Display of Ignorance On Euthanasia In the Netherlands

In an interview with Social Conservative leader James Dobson in early February, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum ignorantly — and falsely — claimed that in the Netherlands euthanasia makes up ten percent of all deaths, and that forced euthanasia accounts for five percent of all deaths there…Santorum also said that people are euthanized involuntarily because they are old or sick and further claimed that elderly people in the Netherlands don’t go into hospitals out of fear that they will not come out if they go in there sick…

The Dutch web site Warroom.dejaap.nl says (author’s translation):

Especially Conservatives in America are of the impression that the Dutch is a crazed hippie culture, while the use of cannabis in America is twice as high as in the Netherlands and let’s not even get started on crime statistics. Apparently [Americans] have a strange impression of Dutch culture and do not feel the need to investigate the facts.

24/02/2012MP questions Santorum’s forced euthanasia claims‎ Expatica Netherlands

Dutch Labour MP Frans Timmermans has asked questions in parliament about a comment made by Rick Santorum who is in the race to become the Republican presidential candidate. During a meeting at a religious college, he claimed that forced euthanasia accounts for 5 percent of all deaths in the Netherlands.

The film was made by rightwingwatch.org from a position in the audience.

Mr Timmermans wants to know why the Dutch embassy has not challenged the US politician over the comment. The embassy says it does not want to interfere with the US elections.

Santorum attacks Dutch euthanasia, what would he say about doctor-assisted suicide in Oregon?

OregonLive.com – 27 February 2012

Santorum is attracting media attention not only in the US but in the Netherlands after making several assertions about Dutch euthanasia practices that critics say just don’t hold water…

The former Pennsylvania senator, who has also been the most aggressive of the GOP candidates in taking on such issues as gay marriage and insurance coverage for contraception, charged that 10 percent of the Dutch are euthanized and that the elderly are afraid to go to hospitals in the Netherlands. He said the elderly there wear bracelets asking not be euthanized.

Santorum made his comments in a Feb. 3 forum in Missouri, but they’ve only started receiving wide attention in recent days as a video of his remarks has circulated on the internet.

So, the Dutch are offended as Rick Santorum’s depiction of their euthanasia laws was overblown, and apparently he made some technical errors and/or exaggerations.  Still even 3% is too high.  The government really should not be in the suicide-assisting business (that includes not only the Netherlands, but also Oregon).

While for biblical reasons, I support parts of Rick Santorum’s moral message (specifically his opposition to homosexual marriage, when he actually is opposed to abortion, and certain of his positions related to restricting the government’s intent to reduce religious freedom, such as some related to the recent contraception matter), as a Christian I do not vote and am not a Republican.  Nor I am trying to endorse or oppose him in any way to be USA president.

I covered this item to show it as part of a pattern that is happening.

Which is?

That Americans of various persuasions have offended various ones in Europe over the years, and this is another example.  I believe much greater offenses from those in the United States of America will be factors in the future to cause the Europeans to turn against the USA (cf. Isaiah 10:5-11; Daniel 11:39).   And this relatively small offense is simply another one that will help lead to more offense in the future.

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